Protects Fragile Apple Charging Cables from Damage — Reduces Strain by 80%

The TUDIA Klip cable protector for iPhones and iPad is now available for reviews and Father’s Day/Grad articles and giveaways for your publications, shows, blogs or sites. The TUDIA Klip is a 2 piece clip made of silicone and polycarbonate that snaps onto all original Apple Lightning and 30-pin charging cables, reducing strain by 80% to protect essential Apple charging cables from fraying and breaking, which often happens after just 6 months of use.

TUDIA Klip also fixes already frayed or damaged cables, so you can continue to use them without awkwardly fixing them with tape, throwing them out, or buying new expensive Apple cables or cheaper third-party generic replacement cables, which are often incompatible with Apple devices. The TUDIA Klip is available now for $7 a pair at Amazon.com