Cincinnati, OH  OROS, the company that brings the universe’s best high-tech insulation to earth, is introducing its new fall 2017 outerwear line to keep us warm and comfortable for all cold weather active and casual adventures.

OROS uses aerogel insulation, a technology similar to what NASA uses to protect astronauts in outer space. The company’s patented form of aerogel, SolarCore™, is an extremely durable, warm and flexible material which makes it much more effective than traditional insulations. In fact, in recent tests SolarCore has been proven to measure up to 275% warmer than other traditional branded insulations.

SolarCore maintains its thermal performance both under compression and when wet. This breakthrough, breathable technology also packs the most insulating power into one of the thinnest packages on the market today, perfect for all types of winter adventures.

On a mission to change the way the world experiences the outdoors, OROS is introducing several brand-new products as well as selling their signature Orion Parka. The 2017 fall product line includes:

  • Orion Parka: The signature jacket will change how you protect yourself on your most challenging cold-weather adventures. Designed with NASA-inspired SolarCore insulation technology to deliver a superior warmth-to-weight ratio and enhanced mobility, without the bulk of your best goose down or cold-weather parka.
  • The Discovery Jacket: OROS’ most versatile piece yet. It can handle just about any weather element that comes its way. From cold, wind and water, this jacket is a great transition piece from urban adventures to the great outdoors.
  • The Discovery Fleece:  Strategically placed SolarCore insulation makes this product perfect for everything from Friday night football to your next big outdoor adventure. The fleece is lightweight, durable and very cozy on the inside, making it an outdoor must-have.
  • The Essential Quarter Zip: Designed to be one of the most versatile pieces you own. Perfect as a standalone piece on mild days or the ultimate layer for more extreme conditions. It provides enhanced warmth, breathability and comfort without the bulk.
  • The Discovery Vest: A design breakthrough, this vest will keep you warm to the core without the bulk and puffiness of a traditional vest.

OROS’ fall line is available now. To learn more or to purchase the gear, visit You can also follow the company on Twitter and Facebook.

About OROS Apparel
OROS Apparel creates outerwear and apparel for outdoor adventures. The products feature innovative SolarCore aerogel insulation, the same type of insulation NASA uses to protect the Mars Rovers and spacesuits in the harshest environments. OROS’ proprietary technology has allowed the company to make outerwear that is thinner, warmer and more flexible to help advance any of your adventures. For more information, visit