First it was stainless steel water bottles, then stainless drinkware. Now the hot trend has upped its game, bringing insulation into the picture! Enter, the Claret Insulated Wine Glass by Avex.

AVEX’s latest offering, a 13-oz stainless steel wine glass, rocks a Chardonnay as nicely as a Mai Tai. The powdercoated body provided a secure grip, while the broad, brushed stainless steel rim feels cool against the mouth. The thin edge of the rim gives the Claret Insulated Wine Glass a touch of elegance.

The rounded shape of the glass makes wine sniffing a delight. The AVEX Claret Insulated Wine Glass is sweet, stable, and stainless steel indestructible whether I use them for picnics and other outdoor adventures or at home (I’m a klutz, so I love having drink ware I can’t break.). In every way, this fancy travel “glass” sure beats drinking Moet out of a plastic cup in a faraway hotel room or campsite.

Available in purple, coral (red), ice (teal blue), and white.

Bottom line: This beautiful, durable glass will last a lifetime.

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