The only  bonus of darkness falling by five o’clock is that I get to use my Blackburn Central 700 Front Light more hours a day!

I love this versatile, high-beam LED light because it’s so bright and so easy to use. The Blackburn Central 700 Front Light’s dual beam provides both distance and close-up visibility. I can see items clearly even a block away.

I appreciate that I can quickly add or remove the The Blackburn Central 700 Front Light from my bike. The thick rubber strap holds the light firmly in place, so it stays put! The light is also adjustable, so I can direct the light straight ahead or angle it toward the street.

Since I walk much more often than I ride my bike, the Blackburn Central 700 Front Light has been the perfect flashlight for my nightly power walks. The beam is so bright and long that I no longer trip over uneven sidewalks. It fits perfectly in my palm, and can  slip one finger through the rubber handlebar strap for a firm hold. (The light’s universal mount also makes it easy to attach the light to my helmet.)

One of my favorite features of The Blackburn Central 700 Front Light is its rechargeable battery. The light has a USB connection, so I plug it in at night, and it’s charged for the next day. The light’s power switch changes color to let me know when it’s time to recharge. Since I use it most often on it’s highest beam, the battery runs down in one and a half to two hours. I prefer charging more often and using the high beam.

The light has three brightness levels and two flashing options (one fast, one slow), so I can use it both as a light source and as a flashing light to make me more visible on the road. Another bonus: The Blackburn Central 700 Front Light is waterproof. I’ve been using it for weeks in drizzles and downpours with complete confidence.

Bottom Line: A high-quality, easy-to-use LED bike light.

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buy-now$99.99, for sale on Amazon.