I’ve always wanted a necklace I could wear every day, and I finally found it in Bronwen Jewelry’s Isis Necklace!

I love this magical necklace! It beautiful, it weighs nothing, and I can wear it 24/7. The Isis Necklace is  elegant, sophisticated, and very feminine. It’s unlike any activewear jewelry I’ve ever worn because it’s not chunky and sporty; it’s real jewelry. I’ve been wearing it non-stop for a few months now, and I have no plans to take it off. I wear my Isis Necklace every day for work and socializing and while exercising, hiking, bathing, and sleeping.

The Isis Necklace is virtually weightless, so it’s a dream to wear because I don’t feel it. The nylon cord is thin enough that is doesn’t detract from the beauty of the intricately shaped silver beads (also available with gold beads). At the same time, it’s super strong so it doesn’t break during activity or break down after months of daily showers. The nylon cord is an incredible idea because it keeps the necklace loose,  lightweight, and waterproof.

I want to add here that I’ve had a hard year, and I when this necklace arrived at my office for review, I was attracted to it immediately. The minute I put it in I felt reconnected with my female energy. I love the idea of a necklace named after a pagan goddess of magic who was associated with motherhood, healing, and rebirth. Perfect for a woman in the middle of rebuilding her life. It may sound silly, but whenever I’m down I touch the necklace and remind myself that I’m a powerful goddess myself, and I need to get outdoors and hike my hikes and walk my walks and get on with being my sassy self.

I love that such a dainty little necklace feels so powerful. I am not a girlie girl at all, but the Isis Necklace has completely charmed me. I feel pretty when I wear it, and I like wearing it when I’m working out. Being able to wear it 24/7 also makes me feel protected–like someone’s looking over me.  It’s also a constant reminder to cultivate my inner goddess.

Available in several cord colors.

Bottom Line: This beautiful necklace would be a perfect holiday gift for active women in your life who still like to look fancy when they’re working hard.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.bronwenonline.com