I’ve been a fan of Buff’s neck warmers forever. I’m also obsessed with merino wool for its breathability, thermoregulation, and wicking ability. So I was delighted to test drive a Buff Merino Wool Hat.

Lightweight Protection

Made out of 100% merino wool, this ultra-thin, silky skullcap is ideal for cool to cold weather. It’s an ideal cap for shoulder seasons when it’s not that cold but it still feels nice to have some coverage. I’ve worn the Buff Merino Wool Hat on long hikes in the arboretum and on short hikes in the mountains  on chilly days or on days that turn chilly very quickly by the end of my workout or outing.

Breathes and Regulates

I like exercising in it because it breathes so well that my head doesn’t overheat and because even when I get really sweaty, the hat still keeps my head warm. The Buff Merino Wool Hat is perfect under my bike helmet; it’s so thin that I don’t really notice that I’m wearing it.

Highly Packable

It doesn’t get very cold in the winter where I live, so a hat can become an afterthought, which means I sometimes end up cold and wishing I had taken the time to figure out the weather before leaving my home. Now I’m in the habit of stuffing the the Buff Merino Wool Hat into my jacket pocket or messenger bag so it’s always with me. I never get caught out in the cold.

All Seasons

I wear this hat in temperatures from the high 50 degrees F down to about freezing. In cool temps it’s all I need when I’ll be outside for a long period of time, and in cold temps it’s all I need for exercising.

I love my Buff hat, but I wish it was a bit deeper and tighter. It’s really more of a beanie than a cap, which I think is part of what many people will like about it. I prefer a snug-fitting cap that I can pull down past my ears. (See photo, comparing Buff Merino Hat in black against Buff Merino Midweight hat).  Also, as much as I love the thin material, I’ve noticed with other merino garments that over time I find tiny holes in it. I’m not sure if those holes are from wear and tear or sneaky little moths. So far only one hole in my Buff hat. It’s holding up well after a few weeks of use.

The Buff Merino Wool Hat comes in one size for women and men and in several colors, including: black, white, green, blue, orange.

Manufacturer’s Site: buffusa.com

$27 (some colors on sale for less at Amazon)