I like to joke that I spent a Seattle winter in Iceland this summer. We had warm, sunny days, but we also had cold, rainy days. I used my Buff UV Headband either way.

Made out of a cottony soft, thin, breathable, wicking Coolmax material, the Buff UV Headband works well in warm weather to keep my hair out of my face, and it’s less cumbersome than wearing a hat. On these occasions, I wear it as a hairband. The quick-drying headband uses Polygiene® Active Odor Control technology, a feature I appreciated while traveling for two months and going periods in between laundry stops.

On chilly days, I was happy to have an ultra lightweight headband to toss in my jacket pocket when I headed out for a hike. When the wind picked up, I just pulled on the Buff UV Headband over my ears.

It never occurs to me that sun can affect me even in chilly weather, so it’s nice to have the UV blocking that the Buff UV Headband provides (it blocks 95% of UV rays, according to Buff). I was surprised to notice tan lines after a few weeks of swimming outside in cloudy weather. I credit my Buff UV Headband for preventing the tops of my ears from getting sunburned.

Available in several fun patterns. One size fits all.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.buffusa.com

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