I’ve been wearing Coldpruf’s Classic Pant for power walks for the past few weeks, and have enjoyed the performance of the mid weight merino wool. (Available in men’s and women’s sizes.)

The wool feels quite thin but is very effective at keep my legs warm. I never overheat because the wool breathes so well. Now that the temperatures are dipping below freezing, I’m wearing the pants under my rain pants or a rain-resistant hiking pant for my daily outings. I hike or power walk for at least an hour a day, and the Coldpruf Classic Pant has performed well.

I also get around by foot, so wearing merino as my first layer comes in handy. As I stop and start while running errands, I don’t get a chill because the wool keeps me warm even if I’m sweaty. It also dries quickly, so if I stay indoors for awhile before heading back outside, my pants are dry.

As much as I liked wearing the Coldprus Classic Pant, I have to admit that I didn’t find an ideal fit. I’m a size 10 in women’s pants and tested a size L Classic Pant. At first I liked the baggy fit because I could wear the pant as I would a track pant. However, this pant has quite a generous inseam gusset and ample room through the seat and thighs, so I ended up with saggy material that chafed my legs. I would have done much better in a size medium, although even the size L pant was too short for me. The pant is quite high waisted. Normally, I don’t like that style, although it’s common with base layers and helps me keep a shirt tucked in, but I didn’t mind it in this pant since the Class Crew top I tested it with was too short for me. I’m 6′ and very lean. I think shorter women will have a much easier time finding a good fit.

My favorite thing about merino wool is that it’s odor resistant, so I can wear the Classic Pant for several days in a row or for many workouts before I need to wash it.

The Classic Pant is available in women’s sizes XS-2XL in Almond and Black. The men’s Classic Pant is available in Commando green and Black, in sizes S-2XL.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.coldpruf.com

buy-now $49-59 at Amazon.com.