The Coleman Outdoor Compact Table is a classic metal folding table that’s easy to assemble and super handy. Since adding it to my camp kitchen this summer, it’s made outdoor cooking and living just feel a little more…civilized.

The Coleman Outdoor Compact Table comes in a blue nylon carrying case that’s about the size of a folding camp chair (folded size 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 27.5″). The directions are printed right on the carrying case, but I found assembly to be absolutely intuitive: expand the base by pulling outward, expand the accordion aluminum table top, and snap the two pieces together at the brackets. Just like that, I had a sturdy, clean surface to set up my stove and prep ingredients, mix drinks, eat meals, and generally elevate food and beverages out of the dirt and grime.

There’s a reason that the Coleman Outdoor Compact Table is a tried-and-true standby that’s been around for years. It has a simple, well-thought-out design that can hold up to 100 pounds. Its slatted aluminum top is easy to keep clean with soapy water or wet wipes and just as important, won’t get damaged by hot pots. At 27.5” x 27.5” x 27.5”, I discovered that this equated to enough room for simultaneously prepping ingredients and cooking on my two-burner stove; seated breakfast for up to 4 people; or a pretty well-stocked cocktail bar for a barbeque. Who doesn’t need a spare card-sized table around the house, for lemonade stands, parties, or crafting?

The Coleman Outdoor Compact Table is available in silver in one size. It weighs just under 10 pounds.

Bottom Line: A classic and versatile outdoor table that stows away between adventures.

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