Cotopaxi’s Aqua Water Bottle is one of my favorite stainless steel beverage bottles because its insulated walls make it ideal for cold and hot beverages. It’s also super stylish.

I love the stainless steel cap with its fold-down stainless handle. It just looks more sophisticated (and therefore, the bottle feels more versatile) than my black-top topped water bottles. Still, as I was departing for summer travels with this brand-new, untested bottle, I wondered if it would be leakproof. It was! After carrying the Cotopaxi Aqua Water Bottle on cross-country train and bus journeys, as well as on two international flights, I’m happy to report that the fancy steel cap didn’t leak once. There is a small amount of non-stainless (BPA-free) material in the cap that provides a nice seal with the cap when it is attached.

During my travels, and during my many hours- and day-long adventures this summer, the Cotopaxi Aqua Water Bottle’s double-wall construction did a great job of keeping my water drinkable. First, the water didn’t get warm, and second, the water never got funky. Even the next day, I drank “old” water out this bottle, and it tasted fine.

I tested a 750 ml bottle, which is a good size for an outline lasting several hours. It’s also an ideal size for my morning tea. I often fill the Cotopaxi Aqua Water Bottle with my favorite morning drink, hot chai with rice milk, so I can have a steady supply of caffeine as I start my morning calls and emails. For any type of outing, I stash the Cotopaxi Aqua Water Bottle in my message bag or in the stash pouch of my daypack or computer pack.

Available in three sizes 500ml, 750ml, and 1000ml and in several colors, including: blue, plum, black, yellow, green, white, teal, red, and plain stainless.

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