It’s a challenge to find insects to test an insect-resistant shirt during most Nevada summers. Not this year. Over 700” of snow in 2016-17 brought an almost endless sliding season to the east side of the Sierra—along with full lakes, bank high creek run off, and a lot more insects than normal. I was ready for them with my Craghoppers Insect Shield Adventure Short-Sleeved Shirt.

I first tested it on a two-day late-summer ski trip, and it provided a high level of sun protection and bug resistance. Apparently, it also looked quite smart.

I had arranged for my wife to pick me up on Highway 395, and after a couple of days of intense activity I was hungry, relatively bite-free, and anxious about getting to the meeting point on time. I was hoping we could head straight to dinner in Mammoth Lakes.

“I didn’t recognize you…,” she said when I hopped into the car.

“Was it the beard?”


“The mud, dust, and pollen all over me from bushwhacking through the sage and crossing some creeks?”

“No. But that’s a very handsome shirt—is it British?”

My wife is always right, and if it takes a spiffy travel adventure shirt from a UK mountaineering and safari clothier to get her to agree to come out to dinner with me, I’m down with that. High performance and still suitable for dinner!

Craghoppers Insect Shield Adventure Short-Sleeved Shirt is well-made and durable. I enjoyed the bug-resistant fabric as well as the excellent breathability through the mesh-lined, vented back. I also appreciated the comfortable Solarshield rolled collar. Sturdy buttons, taped collar lining, usable buttoned pockets, a security zipper hidden chest pocket, and a strong hang tag make the shirt ideal or a variety of outdoor uses and for travel.

The nylon fabric contains Permethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid that was developed for use against dust mites. It’s used in hospitals and bedding products to guard against insect bites so it’s completely safe. It does a good job of repelling bugs, and the bug repellant stays in the fabric. I’ve washed it several times (in the machine and in lakes and creeks), and it still feels effective at greatly reducing the number of bites I get.

Available in men’s sizes S—XL in Dusk Blue, Parchment, Smoke Blue, Light Olive, and Black Pepper. I tested a size XL, my usual size, and found a snug fit around the arms and shoulders.

Bottom Line: The handsome Craghoppers Insect Shield Adventure Short Sleeved Shirt provides excellent 40 SPF sun protection, is bug-resistant, and ideal for a safari or late-summer snowfields high up in the range of light.

Manufacturer’s site:

$85.00 (on sale for less at Amazon)