I’m a t-shirt gal, but when I’m traveling in scorching temperature, I like to have a long-sleeved shirt with me. Craghoppers’ Kiwi Long-Sleeved shirt proved to be invaluable during a recent trip to Minnesota.

Anyone living in or traveling to Minnesota in the summer knows two things:  how bad the mosquitos are and how much people like to spend time outdoors.  Since I don’t like the idea of wearing fabric impregnated with bug-killing chemicals, I chose the Kiwi shirt because its fabric is woven to prevent insect bites and to provide sun protection. I wore this top most nights during my three-week stay, and am happy to report that I didn’t get one bite!

Pardon my scowl. It was my nap time!

It’s nice that Kiwi shirt is attractive, durable, soft, and designed as much for casual outings as for trail use. I generally don’t pack “nice” clothes, so when I got a few dinner invites at least I had a clean button-down top to wear with my black skort. For a 65% polyester, 35% cotton blend, the top is soft and drapes well. I appreciated the quality construction and the little details that made the Kiwi an ideal travel shirt: a fold-up sun protector on the collar, two drying loops on the inside of the top (for hanging dry), a large zippered hidden pocket (I love having a place to stash my passport and money!), and inner-sleeve tabs that hold my folded back sleeves when I want to convert the long sleeves into 3/4 sleeves. Craghopper even includes two extra replacement buttons!

I wore the Kiwi top in temperates from 90 degrees F down to about 65 F and was comfortable every time. I tested a size 14, bigger than my usual size, and enjoyed a looser fit that still had some shape to it. I liked using the Kiwi as a jacket, too, in air-conditioned settings. As much as I like and appreciate the quality construction, durability, and performance, I’d love it if the shirt were a bit longer and slightly slimmer fitting. I’m 6′ tall and always want more length. I think for mobility I like having some extra room, but the shirt wasn’t as flattering as it could be.

This top is available in green, red, and cream, in sizes 4-16.

$45, available at Amazon