CTR Glacier Air Protect Gloves:   Gloves for Driving…Snow

Snug, sleek and snow-resistant, CTR’s Glacier Air Protect gloves are the gloves I leave in my jacket pockets so that they’re there when I need them for a snowball fight or a chilly car ride.

Weather Protection

The Glacier Air Protect Glove must have been designed with the modern man child (I refer to myself) in mind. In the past, after hurriedly clearing the windshield or playing outside with my kids, I’ve often discovered to my dismay that my gloves were soaked and that my hands were starting to pay the price of playing with wet snow. With the snug-fitting wind- and snow-resistant material CTR uses on these gloves, my hands not only stay dry, but my aim is way better than when I’m wearing one of my heavier pairs of gloves. (The Glacier Air Protect Glove seems most effective at temps above about 20º F, so when it’s way too cold for snowballs, I wouldn’t use these gloves for long without another layer underneath).

Gloves-On Swiping

The other day, while waiting for the bus, I launched a dozen or so missiles at nearby trees and street signs, and then my phone rang. Without missing a beat, I slipped my gloved hand into my pants pocket, and using the synthetic leather tip (there’s one on the index finger and one on the thumb of each glove), tapped the screen to answer. Over the course of the call, I was able to unlock the phone and swipe through my calendar–all without exposing my hands to the elements. I haven’t been able to get two-finger actions (like pinching) on the smart screen to work, but if I need to spend  that much time looking at my phone, maybe it’s time to go inside.

Good Grip

Two other design elements bear mentioning:  The wide, elastic cuffs make my wrists feel like I care about them as much as I do my hands and prevent snow from getting inside the gloves. The reinforced palm inserts are great for getting a grip on a steering wheel or shovel handle.

Sizes, Colors

The unisex-sized Glacier Air Protect Glove  gloves come in one color, Silver Smart Touch (a bit of a misnomer since they are almost entirely black) in S-XL. [Size chart: measure across widest part of palm. S-XL corresponds to measurements from 1.75” to 4.55”, click on image for link to site].

Bottom Line:  Keep these gloves handy for handling smartphones, snowballs, and steering wheels.

Manufacturer’s Site:  chaoshats.com

$34.99 at chaoshat.com, Chaos and CTR gloves also available at Amazon.com.