I’m a big fan of skorts. I love the freedom of wearing a skirt with the added bonus of a built-in short to prevent chafing when I want to get active. Dare2B Alighted Skort has been the bottom half of my summer uniform!

Made out of a quick-drying lightweight nylon/elastane blend with four-way stretch, the Dare2B Alighted Skort is comfortable for daily wear and built for outdoor adventures. I love the jeans-style design of the skirt–it has two front pockets, two back pockets, belt loops, and a tiny Velcro-sealed secret pocket–and the fact that it runs a bit big so I can wear it like my favorite comfy jeans. It’s a nice alternative to all of my elastic waistband skirts and skorts. I like having pockets for my keys and other essentials.

Since I wear the Dare2B Alighted Skort most days of the week and for several days in a row, I like that it’s quick-drying. I toss it in the wash, hang it up to dry, and a few hours later it’s ready to wear again. I also appreciate the rain-resistant fabric. I can splash around in a creek on a hike without having to spend the rest of the hike feeling soggy. I can also carry on with power walks despite the rain.

Another key feature for me is the adjustable waist; I just pull on a cord on each side of the waistband to tighten it up. I should admit here that the Dare2B Alighted Skort arrived at the perfect time for me. I’m usually a US size 10, but now I’m about 25 pounds overweight. None of my clothes fit me right! So I was delighted with the Dare2B Alighted Skort (UK size 14) arrived and fit me! That means it runs a size big.

I like the black color since I’m an urban gal. It goes with everything, and it makes me feel a bit more dressed up around town. I don’t like looking like a hiker. The one thing about the Dare2B Alighted Skort that I found a bit curious is the inner short. I’m used to wearing skorts with liner shorts designed like bicycle shorts (i.e., they fit snuggly against my skin), but the inner short in this skort is loose and baggy. It’s a comfortable style, and I appreciate how airy that design is in the summer heat, but it’s a lot of material to have between my legs. It feels bunchy down there. So, I haven’t been wearing it for long hikes because I’m afraid that it might not be the most comfortable choice for a long, active outing. On the other hand, I reach for the Dare2B Alighted Skort every morning — and not just because it’s one of only a few things I can fit into these days. It’s loose and comfortable, which I prefer over body-hugging clothes in the summer.

Available in black, in UK sizes 8-18 (4-14 in US sizes).

Bottom Line: A super stretchy, water-repellent, all-purpose skort for daily wear.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.dare2b.com

buy-now $50, click to find list of US stores selling Dare2B apparel