The skin on my chin has imperfections from messing with pimples in my teenage years. I’ve always wanted to try microdermabrasion, but haven’t had the nerve to get it done yet. I recently discovered DDF Micro Derma Crystals Polishing Gel and thought I’d give it a try before making an appointment with a dermatologist.

I had never tried any type of microdermabrasion product before trying the DDF Micro Derma Crystals Polishing Gel, so it was an interesting experience for me. The gel feels like fine grit sandpaper when you rub it between your fingers. When I first used it, I wetted my chin area and squeezed a small amount (pea size) on my fingers and started rubbing it over my chin. Right away, I felt the warming feeling. I read on their web site that the gel uses an “exothermic reaction to help open pores and exfoliate dead skin cells and debris to even skin tone and texture”. The warming feeling goes away after about 10 seconds of rubbing it around.

The directions say to rub the DDF Micro Derma Crystals Polishing Gel over the area of skin between one and three minutes. I first rubbed it over my chin with my fingers, but I wasn’t trying to microdermabrasion my fingertips, so I now use a cotton makeup pad to rub it over my skin with. I can handle one minute of rubbing it on my skin, but I haven’t been able to do three minutes yet. It really does feel like sandpaper and although it doesn’t hurt, it can feel a bit irritating after a while.

Once I’m done, I rinse it off and immediately apply face cream to that area so it doesn’t leave it dry and rough. I’ve been using the DDF Micro Derma Crystals Polishing Gel for two weeks now and I haven’t noticed a big difference with my skin yet. It may just take more time. DDF also sells a battery-powered tool that uses an exfoliating head, a cleansing brush and a polishing brush. They say that you’ll see results in just one week when you use the exfoliating head and brushes to apply the gel.

Bottom Line: The DDF Micro Derma Crystals Polishing Gel probably works best with the exfoliator and is an affordable first step to smoothing out rough skin before going to a dermatologist.

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$50/ 2 fl oz, currently on sale on DDF’s site for $35