I love my GoPro for all of the adventures and memories it captures for me, but I sure don’t love needing to change batteries several times in a day. Thanks to the DigiPower Re-Fuel 6-Hour ActionPack Battery for GoPro I can go, go, go for six hours before I need to change batteries.

Since I began using this extended battery, I haven’t had to interrupt filming to frantically change batteries. As a marine biologist who spends a lot of time on the water observing and recording sea life, I had the perfect opportunity to test the battery.

This past week was particularly rewarding with a unique sighting: an unusually large pod of transient killer whales  in the Monterey Bay. Thanks to the GoPro’s waterproof housings for both the camera and the attached DigiPower Re-Fuel 6-Hour ActionPack Battery that meshed together perfectly, I was able to record the whales for many hours.

DigiPower Re-Fuel 6-Hour ActionPack Battery for GoPro 2This extended battery pack made all the difference. I was able to keep recording for several hours without interruption and capture some extremely long segments of underwater interactions and vocalizations without worry that my camera might run out of juice. If I’d needed to pull my camera up and change out batteries every hour or two, I would have missed much of this experience and the valuable footage that’s so important to my research.

Although on this research trip I only used the GoPro and the DigiPower Re-Fuel 6-Hour ActionPack Battery down to about 50 feet, it is designed to withstand depths of up to 131 ft. of water with a wide range of temperature differences.

I’ve also used the battery on some 4-wheeling trips with friends, and have been equally pleased with its durability, even under some rough and bumpy conditions. It’s proven to be dust-proof, dirt-proof, and sealed against all of the elements I’ve put it through. The DigiPower Re-Fuel 6-Hour ActionPack Battery has been very useful for running energy-intensive applications involving Wi-Fi and bluetooth connections or when playing video directly from the camera to a monitor using a mini HDMI cable.

The DigiPower Re-Fuel 6-Hour ActionPack Battery is simple to use. To check the battery status, I just give it a slight shake. The DigiPower Re-Fuel 6-Hour ActionPack Battery then illuminates three built-in LED lights (located on the back of the case) to show the amount of charge still available. The LEDs will turn off after three  seconds to conserve power. To recharge the battery, I just plug the included USB cable into either a wall plug or a computer. The built-in LED indicator lights indicate when charging is complete.

The only drawbacks I found with this product were:  the larger battery made the camera a little heavier and it covered the screen on the back that I usually use quite often. Other than these two small issues, the DigiPower Re-Fuel 6-Hour ActionPack Battery worked very well and did all it was supposed to … extend the battery life a whole lot longer so that I could continue shooting for most of a day without having to stop filming to reload new batteries!

Bottom Line: This extended battery pack more than triples the recording time of my GoPro.  It’s an absolute must-have for GoPro users wanting long,  uninterrupted recording sessions or for extended trips when batteries can’t be charged every day.

Manufacturer’s site: https://re-fuel.com

buy-now $49.99, available at Amazon