I’ve always felt a little awkward with this whole selfie craze.  I could never figure out how to wrangle my arm around to keep it out of the shot or how to avoid having my face take up the full frame of the picture. Thanks to the DigiPower Re-Fuel QuickPod Selfie Stick & Power Bank, I’ve finally found the perfect solution to that problem…and more.

The DigiPower Re-Fuel QuickPod Selfie Stick & Power Bank enables me to do more than just snap a few photos and selfies with an iPhone or compact camera. I can also use it with my GoPro camera, which uses the power bank to keep recording my outdoor adventures for up to 10 hours! This power stick can also work as a camera monopod. It’s ready to use with the GoPro Hero 3/3+ and 4 models, and it’s compatible with most smartphones, D-SLR cameras, digital cameras, and camcorders. There is a smartphone adapter, a GoPro adapter, and a digital camera mount included in the QuickPod Selfie Stick & Power Bank package.

The best way to describe the DigiPower Re-Fuel QuickPod Selfie Stick & Power Bank is: it’s a telescopic extension selfie stick with a battery pack built right into the grip handle. The power stick extends from 19 to 32 inches and has a 180 degree rotating camera mount for capturing shots and video from many different angles, including wide group shots and selfie shots. As a bonus, there’s even a built-in selfie mirror on the camera mount.

This power stick could not be easier to use.  I mount my smartphone into the smartphone adapter (or my camera onto one of the quick-release plates). Then, I plug the charge cord into the USB port in the handle (that way, I can charge my camera or phone while I’m hiking, cycling, paddling, or skiing the moguls). To keep track of my battery charge status, I just press the LED charge indicator for a quick and accurate reading.

The battery pack can be charged during down time through a standard-sized USB port on the top of the grip handle (which has a micro-USB port). The handle of the DigiPower Re-Fuel QuickPod Selfie Stick & Power Bank has a non-slip rubber grip that allows firm grasping, along with a wrist strap and carabiner for added security. The power stick also has a metal base with a standard 1/4″-20 thread for mounting the handle onto a tripod or other support device. Mini and micro USB cables, a hiking clip, and a carrying bag come with the selfie stick.

One thing that makes the DigiPower Re-Fuel QuickPod Selfie Stick & Power Bank especially attractive to me is how super lightweight (11.5oz) it is, making it easy to justify bringing it on bike rides, hikes, and definitely on my next backpacking trip.

Bottom Line: Thanks to this battery-loaded selfie stick and camera monopod combo, I never need to worry about running out of power while on the go!

Manufacturer’s site: http://digipowersolutions.com/

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