I travel abroad several times a year, and as I get older I do everything in my power to make my travel day as comfortable as possible. Being able to sleep on the plane or on a row of chairs at the airport during a long layover means I need the best travel pillow I can find!

The Downlite travel pillow I’ve been using lately is wonderful. It’s only 12″ x 16″, the perfect size for traveling. For a small pillow, it’s sure stuffed with plenty of down. When I first felt it, I was amazed at how densely it was packed and  how lightweight it was. It definitely doesn’t weigh down my carry-on bag at all.

I’ve tried it in place of my regular pillow in bed, I used it when I slept on the couch the other night, and I used it on a long car ride recently. Each time I’ve used my Downlite travel pillow, it has worked wonderfully, giving me good support and a soft place to rest my head, even if it was up against the window of the car in an awkward position. Unlike most down pillows that eventually become hard once pressed down after a few minutes, the Downlite travel pillow stays soft and firm and doesn’t slowly flatten down or become hard.

The particular Downlite travel pillow that I have has a ripstop Nylon case on it that’s very soft and durable. It would take a lot to snag this cover or rip it by accident, and it does a great job of keeping all the feather points in, not that I’ve felt many yet. The case is sewn on, so I can’t take it off to just wash the pillow case, but it’s easy enough to spot clean with just warm water or to throw in the washer and dryer (on a cool setting) to wash the whole pillow.

I’ve also used my Downlite travel pillow to put between my knees or arms in bed when I had a sore lower back or shoulders. It gave me the additional support my body needed in just the right place to let my muscles relax and help me fall asleep.

I’ll be flying on a trip in a few weeks and will definitely be using my Downlite travel pillow on the plane and at the hotel as it’s easy to travel with and works well anytime a pillow is needed.

buy-now $50, on sale for $35 at Amazon.com.