When Duofold contacted us about testing some base layers, my first question was, “do you still make the two-layer cotton long johns that everyone wore in the 70s?” Yes, they do, so I eschewed their modern fabrics, which they sent to one of my other reviewers, in favor of reliving some of the cottony comfort of my youth.

The Duofold Originals Ankle-Length Pant is made out the same two-layer cotton/wool fabric I remembered. It’s a nice warm layer under a skirt or jeans. The fabric is quite soft. All the seams are flat. The inner layer is 100% cotton, and the outer layer is a 65% cotton/25% merino wool blend (there’s also 10% nylon). The idea behind the fabric is that heat gets trapped between the layers to keep me insulated. They’re available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Since the Duofold Originals Ankle-Length Pant was designed to be an extra layer for slower paced activities, that’s what I use it for: it’s my new (old) favorite pajama bottom and lounge pant. I have plenty of technical tights for aerobic activities where I’ll need a moisture management fabric. This pant is strictly for warmth, just an extra layer. I cuddle up in the Duofold Originals Ankle-Length Pant every night like I did when I was a kid.

The pant fabric feels the same, but the style of the Duofold Originals Ankle-Length Pant is different than the pant I wore in the 70s and 80s. The waist is much higher, with a narrower waist band.  It’s not a bad idea to have that extra tummy coverage for women who want to wear the pant out in the cold (versus to stay warm in a drafty house), but I have to say I’m not a fan of the high-rise cut or the narrower elastic waistband (it’s about 3/4″). At least the waistband is not tight so I can fold it over a couple of times. I also remember the original pant having ribbed cuffs at the ends of the legs, which this new style doesn’t have. The legs are tapered enough for a nice, close fit, but I’m old fashioned and miss the ribbed cuffs.

I tested a size L based on the size chart, and they were a bit big (I’m a size 10 in pant), but I think that’s fine. This pant isn’t designed to be skin-tight. They’re available in sizes S-XL for women in white or pink. For men, the pants are available in Olive Heather or Blue Jean in sizes S-2XL (2XL only comes in Blue Jean). The men’s pant is also available in a heavyweight fabric.

Bottom Line: Style and fit issues aside, I’m still enjoying wearing the the Duofold Originals Ankle-Length Pant, along with the the Duofold Original midweight top. They’re both comfortable and remind me of simpler times.

Manufacturer: www.duofold.com

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