When I grew up we didn’t have fancy technical fabrics; we had cotton and wool. We had Duofold! From November to March, I lived in soft, cozy Duofold tops and bottoms.

I wore them sledding, running, ice skating, and for every outdoor event I attended. In college, in frigid Minnesota I wore Duofold bottoms under my skirts in the fall and under my jeans all winter. Despite constant use and washings, my Duofold top and two pairs of bottoms lasted for years.  So, I was very happy to find out that Duofold still makes their “Originals” line.

I’ve been wearing the Duofold Originals midweight top for days. It’s just as I remembered it: soft, thick, and warm. It’s ideal on its own on cool days, but since it’s been hovering around 50 degrees in the house (why pay for heat when a sweater will work), I’ve been wearing it as my undershirt under a merino wool hoodie. I’ve also been sleeping in it.

The Duofold Originals top isn’t designed for high-octane activities where you need superior breathability and moisture management, but it’s a very comfortable top when you need an extra layer. All the seams are flat, so I never have an issue with chafing. Unlike my usual merino base layers, this top needs to be washed more often than cotton doesn’t repel odors like merino does.

Duofold Originals are available in men’s and women’s sizes. I tested a women’s size L, my usual size, and found a great fit. I’m 6′ tall and thought the torso length was adequate (still, us tall gals would love a longer cut top we can tuck in). Same with the sleeves. I would like longer sleeves because when I reach the sleeves don’t cover my wrists, but again, I have very long arms. I like the fit. It’s not contoured or baggy. It just fit–like tops used to fit in the 70s.  OMG, I’m old!

The two-layer fabric is pointelle 100% cotton on the inside, which feels great against my skin, and a 65% cotton/25% merino wool blend (there’s also 10% nylon) on the outside. Both sides feel soft to me; nothing scratchy about this fabric at all.

Aviable in women’s sizes S-L in white and pink and in men’s sizes S-2XL in Olive Heather and Blue Jean (size 2X only available in Blue Jean). Duofold also makes the men’s style in a heavyweight fabric.

Bottom Line: I love this comfortable top. It’s my favorite lounge top and pajama top.

Manufacturer: www.duofold.com

buy-now $30-$33, click to shop at Amazon.