I resisted packing cubes for years, but Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter™ collection of thin, almost weightless, zippered cubes have won me over. My favorite items in this collection: the Compression cubes.

Available as a two-pack with a small and large cube, Eagle Creek’s Compression Cube Set is a pleasure to use. I just place several folded items into the pack, zip it closed, then zip the compression zipper closed. It’s incredible how easy it is and how much smaller my stack of clothes gets.

I used to use the old-style compression packs, and as much as I liked the compression, the plastic packs were a bit cumbersome and noisy. Plus, I had to make sure I didn’t lose the little yellow plastic crimper that zipped the bag shut. Too much work.

The Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter™ Compression Cube Set is such a huge improvement. There’s no extra material; the clothes fill the cube, and the cube keeps the shape of a cube and fits with my other packing cubes. I love that each cube has a thin, lightweight handle; it’s easy to grab each cube out of my pack or suitcase.

Another benefit of using the Pack-It Specter™ Compression Cube Set: I’m more realistic about what I can pack. I’m surprised at how much I can stuff in the large cube, but I’m learning to pack less. If I don’t stuff my cubes too full I actually have room to buy a t-shirt or sweater on vacation!1281_b

I also love the fun, bold colors of the cubes and Compression Cube Sets: white with green contrast, purple, red, green, and blue. I can organize my clothes by color!! Workout clothes on purple, pants in blue, and underwear in the small red compression cube. (I packed at least 10 pair in that one!)

Bottom Line: As I slowly learn to bring less on trips, the Compression Cube Sets are ideal. I can make more room in my suitcase for other items. Better yet, I can use a smaller carry-on bag instead of checking my bag. Love that.