I’m a germaphobe, so I can’t just pack my shoes with my clothes unless they’re covered.  I’ve been using Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter™ Shoe Sac the past several months, and it’s been a handy packing item to have.

Made out of ultra-light, ultra-thin ripstop nylon, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter™ Shoe Sac has a handy grab handle on the top of the sac. I just place my shoes inside, zip the sac closed, and add the sac to my suitcase.

What I love most about the Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter™ Shoe Sac, and the Specter line in general, is the material. It’s virtually weightless, so using the sacs, cubes, and pouches doesn’t add measurable weight to my travel bags.

I do notice with the Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Specter™ Shoe Sac that it can be harder to pack when I’m using only a carry-on bag because shoes take up so much room. In these cases (small suitcases), I would prefer using an individual sac for each shoe so I can pack the shoes separately in the corners of the bag. Still, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter™ Shoe Sac is ideal for the gym since I drop it into the bottom of my gym bag before I add my workout clothes.

Available in white, blue, red, purple, and green.

Manufacturer’s Site: eaglecreek.com

buy-now$18.95, available at Amazon.