Even with all of the traveling I do, I haven’t had a good system for packing extra shoes and isolating them from my other clean clothes until I tested Eagle Creek’s Pack-It Shoe Sac. It’s been the perfect solution!

This handy shoe bag is made of highly durable ripstop nylon material, and it keeps my shoes, and any street or trail dirt they might be carrying, contained. The lightweight Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sac has a center zipper that allows me to easily slip shoes inside and a carry handle that makes it easy to grab when I’m ready to pack. The sac also has two tabs on the top of the bag that make it easy to attach it to other bags. So, if my shoes are wet and I don’t want to pack them inside with everything else, I can lash the sac to the outside of my pack.

Size-wise, the Eagle Creek Pack-It Shoe Sac holds most types of shoes, including my low-top hikers. The Pack-It Shoe Sac I tested is lime green, but it also comes in black. It’s a uniform size to easily fit with Eagle Creek’s other packing cubes; it helps me to keep my travel bag organized. When I don’t need the Pack-It Shoe Sac for shoes, it doubles as a small laundry bag or an alternate packing cube. If it gets dirty, I just toss it in the sink with a little soap and water, give it a good shake, and hang it up to dry.  It dries before I know it. When not in use, it’s so small that I can wad it up in the palm of my hand and tuck it into any small pocket in my bag or suitcase until the next time I need it.

Bottom Line: This is a must-have travel necessity that prevents my shoes from mingling with my nice clean clothes.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.eaglecreek.com

buy-now $13, click to shop at Amazon.com.