After a couple of decades of travel, I’ve finally found a packing system I like, Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ Specter Sac Set.

The set contains three ultra-light zippered pouches made out of a thin but durable nylon material called Silnylon Ripstop. Eagle Creek claims the material is similar to the fabric used in tents and backpacks. I just know that the Pack-It™ Specter Sacs work really well because the material is so light and pliable.Together, the sacs in the Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ Specter Sac Set only weigh 2.2 ounces.

I can fit five rolled T-shirts (one long-sleeved, four short-sleeved) into the largest sac and still be able to scrunch and arrange the sac a few different ways in my carry-on bag or backpack. I use the medium bag for socks and underwear, and the small sac for some tissues, a lip balm, and other small items I might need on a flight. The bags have zipper pulls that make it easy to find the zipper when I need to open them. Each bag also has a plastic and metal carabiner-style clasp on each end. I use them to clip the bags together for storage and to attach the smallest bag to the straps of my tote bag so it hangs inside but is easily accessible.

I may never master the art of packing, but using the Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ Specter Sac Set has helped me be a better packer. I only take what fits in the sacs, I only packs as many sacs or cubes (see my review of the Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ Specter Cube Set) as my wheeled 22″ bag holds, and, I know where to find my clothes because I pack similar items in their own sacs. I know that all types of packing cubes and pouches provide the same type of organization, but what sets apart the Pack-It™ Specter Cube Set is the paper-thin, moldable material. I also like that Eagle Creek backs its products with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Eagle Creek’s Pack-It™ Specter Sac Set comes in three colors: a neon green, white with green trim, white with red trim. Sacs are also sold separately.

Bottom Line: These lightweight packing sacs are great for travel and everyday use inside daypacks, purses, and totes.


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