I’ve lived in rainy Seattle for years, but didn’t realize how much I needed extra protection for my  tablet until I got caught in a Midwestern thunderstorm. If you never been in a Midwestern downpour, believe me that a couple of seconds is all it takes to drench you and your bag. Now I never leave the house without my ECase!

The ECase looks like a large sandwich bag with a colorful fabric border, except this bag has a seriously watertight seal. All I do is slip my tablet into the cover, then press along to top of the bag to close it. The cover is entirely see-through and I can use my tablet as I normally do; all the buttons are accessible and my finger movements still work fine.

The ECase is durable but feels soft and pliable; it’s made out of PVC-free materials, including urethane. The bottom corners of the ECase have holes that would allow me to attach it to my pack, but I never use them.

It’s nice knowing that even if I get stuck in the rain and my bag gets soaked, my tablet is still protected. Before I used the ECase I held it under my bathtub faucet for several minutes, letting the stream of water hit the seal. No leaks. I did that a few more times before I was convinced. Then I submerged the ECase in a bucket of water and left it for ten minutes. No leaks. So, by the time I checked out the Cascade Designs web site and saw photos of people using ECases while swimming and kayaking, I was convinced that these little bags are designed for much more than protecting my electronics while they rest in my pack!

I don’t have big plans to take my tablet on my next hike (my boyfriend thinks it would be better for me and for us if I had some time away from Angry Birds), but I’m very excited about upcoming visits to the beach now that I have a great way to keep water and sand away from my tablet (which is also my e library).  So perhaps on our next picnic, my boyfriend will be glad I brought my tablet when I’m able to read him some poetry on the beach.

Available in several colors and sizes for a variety of electronic devices (iPhones, cameras, tablets, iPad, iPad mini, etc.).

Bottom Line: Excellent water protection in a soft, easy-to-pack flat bag!

WWW: cascadedesigns.com/e-case

buy-now$19.95-49.95, shop at Amazon.