Being a fan of textiles and of sewing in general, I get more excited than most when I come across a garment like Ecoths’ Santiago Short Sleeve Shirt. It’s made with quality fabric, and has smart design features and skillful stitching.

At a quick glance from across the room, the Ecoths Santiago Short Sleeve Shirt just another shirt. However, after wearing it for several wear-wash cycles–time is always the real test–I noticed that the tightly woven organic cotton gets better with every wash. The fabric feels softer to the hand yet retains that crisp newness that gets washed away with lesser garments. The tightness of the weave and high thread count makes for more intersections, which makes a more dense and stable fabric.

In addition to the fancy fabric, I’m impressed by several of the construction details of my Ecoths Santiago Short Sleeve Shirt. The hem, sleeves, and front button closure are all finished with some configuration of binding tape. Even the seam down the back has a nice ‘n wide French seam.

In spite of the striped fabric, the colors and feel give the Ecoths’ Santiago Short Sleeve Shirt an overall  tropical feel. Combine all this with a panel layout that takes advantage of orienting the pattern to sometimes line up with and sometimes contrast with the adjacent panels. All of the edges are topped off with a tight chain stitch that creates a visually pleasing border that somehow ties it all together  to create a simple but interesting visual effect.

Finally, the built in eyeglasses cleaning cloth is a practical and thoughtful addition. It’s right where I want it, on the inside at the bottom of the front zipper.

Available in men’s sizes M-XXL. Organic Cotton.

Bottom Line: My Ecoths Santiago Short Sleeve Shirt has been in regular rotation for evening bike rides, backyard BBQs, cocktail gatherings with friends, and a even a casual-dress wedding.

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