I’m religious about wearing sunscreen, but also kind of picky. I like to use suncreen that goes on easy, doesn’t require a lot of rubbing in, and isn’t greasy or sticky. Still, one thing I haven’t been picky about is the ingredient list in my sunscreen, figuring that if it’s a decent brand at a high SPF, it’s probably doing its job. Now, after a few weeks discovering how the Elemental Herbs Sport Sunscreen SPF 30+ works, feels, and is sourced, I’m going to up the ante and add “natural” to my criteria list.

Living in a high altitude, dry climate in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, wearing lotion and screening up is a must. I have sunscreen ingredients in my day face lotion, mineral makeup, sport face sunscreen, and spray-on body sunscreen. They all provide UVA/UVB protection, are PABA-free, non-greasy and keep me from getting a sunburn or uneven tan when I’m out and about and doing something outdoorsy. Unfortunately, they’re also filled with ingredients that upon closer inspection may not be that great for my health – chemicals that are not the safest for me or the planet, or are made up of nanoparticles, active ingredients broken into super small particles with unknown long-term health effects. Fortunately, the Elemental Herbs Sport Sunscreen SPF 30+ is free of nanoparticles and full of organic ingredients – over 75% organic, with happy-sounding ingredients like green tea, rose hips, and grapeseed, jojoba, coconut, and avocado oils. The active ingredient, zinc oxide, provides broad spectrum sun protection and stays put on the surface of the skin.

The Elemental Herbs Sport Sunscreen SPF 30+ also feels great on my skin, going on clear and non-greasy (although my husband, who has a beard, has to work a little harder to get it all rubbed in). I’ve been using it on my face and neck this winter while skiing, and find it to be as smooth and comfortable to wear as other sport face sunscreens I’ve used in the past. Once it’s on, I don’t even notice it because it’s unscented, sheer and not sticky – so my skin feels like it can breathe normally. On longer days of ski touring in the Tetons, when I’ve worked up a good sweat, I’ve reapplied to stay protected as the directions suggest.

Elemental Herbs Sport Sunscreen SPF 30+ is available in a 3 oz. squeeze tube, an ideal size for ski backpacks and traveling – enough to last for a good amount of uses and still small enough to carry on. For the kiddos, try the Elemental Herbs Kids Sunscreen SPF 30+, which has all the groovy eco features of the Sport version and is extra gentle and hypoallergenic for sensitive skin. All the Elemental Herbs sunscreen products are biodegradable and coral-reef-safe, which is not only amazing but also makes you realize that most others are probably not. I’ll be packing mine along on my next surf trip, for sure.

Bottom Line: Easy to apply, full of organic ingredients and powered by zinc oxide, this sunscreen is something to feel great about.

Manufacturer: www.elementalherbs.com

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