My sunscreen habits have changed for the healthier now that I’ve discovered Elemental Herbs sunscreen products. Their Sunstick SPF 30 is great for an on-the-go application of natural sunscreen, provides great protection, qnd stashes easily in my pocket.

I’m a recent convert to their mineral-based, eco-friendly sunscreens, and I have a feeling other health-conscious, outdoors people will be joining me once they find out about the benefits of using Elemental Herbs products. The more I learn abut some of the petroleum-based ingredients in some of the mainstream brand lip and skin products, the more I want to use natural products like the Elemental Herbs Sunstick and their Sport Sunscreen.

I’ve been keeping the Elemental Herbs Sunstick SPF 30 in my ski pack this winter, and have used it mostly while ski touring the sidecountry of Jackson Hole, WY. Up at altitude, surrounded by granite cliffs, snow, and sunshine, I always do my best protect my skin with sunscreen to prevent sunspots, premature wrinkles, and goggle tans. I liked that the Elemental Herbs Sunstick went on clear and could be applied straight from the stick, so I didn’t get sunscreen anywhere except for where I intended it to go. That said, I had a bit of a learning curve with using sunscreen from a stick, wondering if I was painting it on evenly or if I had left any gaps. Each time I used it on the fly, reapplying sunscreen after working up a sweat while traversing or skinning, I rubbed it in with a few fingertips for good measure.

Once on, it felt like the Elemental Herbs Sunstick SPF 30 stayed on longer than lighter cream sunscreens, providing full spectrum UVA/UVB protection from its active ingredient, zinc oxide, a natural mineral. Complemented by a blend of organic jojoba, sesame, avocado, coconut, and fruit oils as well as shea butter, the formula did an excellent job of shielding my skin from wind and dryness while I was skiing in varying temps and blasting down steep powdery chutes. It was a little stickier and heavier than what I prefer to use on my face, but that seems to be the nature of stick sunscreens.

The Elemental Herbs Sunstick SPF 30 is available in Unscented and Coconut in a handy .6 oz. stick, about the size of a large glue stick – an ideal size for stashing in small pack pockets. If you prefer a lighter, cream-based formula that goes on clear, try the Elemental Herbs Sport Sunscreen SPF 30+. All the Elemental Herbs sunscreen products are nanoparticle free, chemical free, biodegradable, and coral-reef-safe, which is not only eco-freindly, but also makes you realize that most others are probably not. Read up on safe sunscreen and make the switch!

Bottom Line: Hands-free application and all-natural, you’ll want to stash this mineral-based sunscreen stick in all of your packs.


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