Over the past few years, I’ve been replacing my cotton socks with wool socks. Now I’ve  started allowing a few wool-blend socks in my sock drawer because they’re a bit less expensive that 100% merino wool socks but still offer similar benefits. Farm to Feet Creek Broken Strip Everyday Crew Socks are a perfect example of this type of sock. (This review originally appeared on our sister site, Fancy Green.)

When I first put them on, and for the first few weeks I wore them, I thought the Farm to Feet Creek Broken Strip Everyday Crew Socks were 100% wool. I didn’t bother to read the packaging, and based on their breathability and comfort, I just assumed they were wool. As it turns out, they’re 62% merino wool, 36% Nylon and 2% Spandex. According to the Farm to Feet website, the nylon fibers are supposed to give the sock more “strength, support, and durability.”

One of the things I like the most about wool socks is that they wick sweat and moisture away so my feet  stay drier and don’t get cold. I work on boats, garden whenever I can, and spend  a lot of time at the barn with my horse, so I’m often wearing rubber boots. My Farm To Feet Spring Creek Everyday crew socks do a great job of keeping my feet dry all day. It’s so nice (and rare) to be able to wear rubber boots without my feet getting clammy or cold.

My Farm To Feet Spring Creek Everyday crew socks are comfortable, stretchy, and soft on my skin. The crew socks come up to mid-calf, and I wear them with tennis shoes and with boots. They’re not too thick, so I can still wear them with my leggings tucked into my boots and they don’t feel bulky.

The Farm To Feet Spring Creek Everyday crew socks have a seamless toe closure so I can’t feel any seams at the end of my toes. That’s a huge bonus. They’re reinforced in the toe and ankle area; so far, after a couple of months of wear, there are no worn areas. One of the features I really like is the snug fit; they feel almost like compression socks. They’re not as tight as typical compression socks, but they make my calves feel energized (you’ll understand this comment if you’ve ever worn compression socks). I would definitely wear these on a long flight because they’d keep my feet dry and help my legs with circulation.

The Farm To Feet Spring Creek Everyday crew socks for women come in three colors (pink, purple, and black) in three sizes. Farm to Feet makes makes a variety of socks for men and women.

Eco Cred: made in the U.S.A.

Bottom Line: A wool blend sock that acts like a 100% wool sock, the Spring Creek Everyday Crew Sock is soft, comfortable, and great at wicking away moisture!

Manufacturer’s Site: farmtofeet.com

buy-now $18.95 at Amazon.com.
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