Sporty Short Sleeve Snazzy

With its contrasting thread (light grey thread on black shirt or vice-versa), sleek metal snaps, and no-frills design my Flylow Anderson Short Sleeve Shirt is just right for a casual night on the town, a day at work, or a morning bike ride to meet friends for coffee.

How a shirt looks is one thing. But how it feels and moves with me is equally, if not more of, a factor of when or where I wear it. The Flylow Anderson Shirt’s 50/50 bamboo/polyester fabric is good stuff. It feels smooth against my skin without being too slick. It’s a happy medium between the natural textural experience of wearing cotton or wool and the performance advantages of synthetic fabrics.

One of the design details that I really appreciate is the swooping back. It makes my Flylow Anderson Shirt that much more versatile. It helps it stay tucked in if I want to go that route, but more importantly for me (at 6’3”), is that it gives that little bit of added coverage in back so I can ride my bike, or even just bend over in general, confidently knowing I’m not showing the guy behind me more than he wants to see.

I’m also a fan of the metal snaps. It might seem insignificant to think about snaps, but they’re essentially the one moving part on a shirt. I use the snaps every time I put on or take off my Flylow Anderson Shirt. They snap closed with a solid feel. Then they open up with a crisp release. I appreciate a nice piece of hardware, large or small. Plus, there’s the super-hero-esque “fly-away” aspect of taking off a shirt with snaps.

The Flylow Anderson SS Shirt is available in agave or black in sizes S to XXL.

Bottom Line: My Flylow Anderson Shirt is a modern and thoughtful variation on the timeless and ubiquitous short sleeve collared shirt. Smart design features make it suitable for a wide range of activities from casual urban adventures to semi-sporty endeavours like around-town bike rides or joining the neighborhood kids for an impromptu soccer game.

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