Designed for mountain biking, Flylow’s Carter Short is versatile and comfortable.

Made out of 90% polyester and 10% Spandex with 40+ UPF, the Carter Short has a nice wide waistband, a low-rise cut, and a gusseted inseam. All great!

My bike is a mess, so I tested the Carter Shorts on hikes and power walks on 80+ days. I liked the material, which is lightweight but not too thin, quite stretchy, and soft against my skin. I also liked liked the low cut style; I felt like I could do anything in the Carter Short. With an 14″ inseam, the short legs provide full thigh coverage. I have very long legs and still found the short legs plenty long.

The Carter Short is one of the most comfortable activewear shorts I’ve worn, but I found the fit a bit odd. I had plenty of room in the thighs but felt like the back of

Chilling at my favorite bike shop.

the short was too tight. Actually, it didn’t feel too tight; it looked tight. That’s fine when I’m riding a bike, but for any other use, it’s too revealing. For an active short, I would also love it if the legs were even just slightly tapered.


The Carter Short has two front mesh pockets. They weren’t quite deep enough for me, but I appreciated that they didn’t add weight or bulk to the shorts. There’s also a small zippered thigh pocket. Again, it wasn’t quite large enough for me, but I was able to stash my credit card there with ease. I would have preferred that the pocket been located under the seam rather than on top of the seam. The way it is designed, I have easy access to the zipper but it creates bulk on the surface of the short leg. It’s a small thing.

All in all, I really like the simple, stylish design of the Carter Short. I love the stretchy fabric and the athletic cut. I never felt any binding.  I still wear the short, but always with a top that covers my bum!

Available in grey with blue contrast and salmon with grey contrast in women’s sizes 24-32.

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