I live in Minnesota, where staying warm is essential. Just opening my front door to get my mail means a blast of -8 degrees F air hits me…and swirls around my house. At least my feet are protected in a pair of Giesswein Vent wool slippers.

Warm, Not Hot

I’m not sure what I did before I tested these cozy, comfortable kicks. Actually, I am. I had slippers that were warm enough, actually too warm. Then my feet would sweat and then get cold and clammy. Wearing the Giesswein Vent wool slippers is an entirely different experience.

Made in Austria out of boiled wool, which is naturally resistant to moisture and odor, the Vent slippers provide incredible temperature regulation. Its the wool thing; these slippers can breathe! So, my feet stay warm and never overheat. Thank you, sheep!

Stellar Support

As much as I love the wool uppers, I have long admired the Giesswein brand for the incredible removable cork and latex footbeds. They provide arch and metatarsal support, and with wear they mold to my feet. I am prone to foot problems, including plantar fasciitis, if I don’t wear supportive footwear. It’s been weeks now, and I haven’t had any problems.

The Vent slippers have a natural rubber sole, which I’ve found to be as non-slip as advertised. I like that I can wear these slippers outside for quick trips to the car or garage or even to the grocery store. The toggle that allows me to adjust the fit as needed. I only need to adjust them once, and I can easily pull them on and off.

Long Lasting Wool

I have also noticed that the slippers are quite durable. The wool uppers have reinforced fibers woven into the heel and toe areas, and the wool holds its shape. I know I will be wearing these slippers for many winters to come.
All this, and they still look cute!

Sizes, Colors

Available in women’s and men’s European sizes 36-48, and in a variety of colors, including: Plum, Ocean, Slate, Earth, Green, and more.
Bottom Line: The Vent slippers are the real deal.  They keep my feet warm and cozy, these slippers don’t slip!
Manufacturer’s Website: www.giesswein-usa.com