This winter set records for snowfall in the Sierra, courtesy of 10 atmospheric river storms. While much of the West cursed the accompanying road closures, damaged infrastructure, and flooding, skiers viewed 700+ inches of snow as a once-in-a-lifetime gift.

When a warmer storm caused flooding on Donner summit, the instructors’ locker room flooded; I was lucky to have Granite Gear’s 30” Packable Wheel Duffel in my car. (Its flex-frame construction allows me me to pack it down into a roll-up bag that’s less than a foot long for easy storage.) It easily held everything in my locker–from my boots and helmet to my first aid kit and spare goggles.

Unrolled, the 30” Packable Wheeled Duffel is made out of heavy-duty nylon, measures 30” x 13.758” x 12.5,” weighs about 3 pounds, and carries 6100 cubic inches worth of bulky weekend ski gear. I like that the Duffel can be carried or wheeled; that versatility makes easy work for me when ferrying my gear from home to the mountain and back.

To give you an idea of how much this bag holds, I unpacked it and spread out its contents (ski boots, food, clothes, extra shells, base layers, a helmet, gloves, more food) on my 28-square-foot dining room table. 

I particularly like the Packable Wheeled Duffel’s cavernous u-shaped main compartment and its sturdy zipper. I also appreciate having the option of folding the duffle into its small carrying pack (about the same size as my box of Pro Bars in the photo) to save shelving space or rolling it on its wheels if I need to lash a few extra packages on board.

After a 10-hour day teaching and skiing, I’m pretty tired. It’s a bonus that the bag has sensible stabilizing straps, lash-on points, padded handles, and backpack straps that make coming off the mountain an easy portage, leaving me with my hands free to carry my keys and skis.

Available in in basalt/flint or blue.

Bottom Line:  Great features, functionality, and durability make this an exceptionally versatile big weekend trip pack.

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