The Glacier Stainless 1 L Vacuum Bottle by GSI Outdoors is a lightweight, totally durable, modern take on the old-school thermoses we used when I was a kid. (Back when dropping a thermos meant its life was over.)

I love the tapered design and the vertical indentations on the body of this bottle; both features make the bottle easy to grasp, easy to hold. I tend to drop things a lot, so I like having a better grip on the Glacier Stainless 1 L Vacuum Bottle, especially when I’m pouring hot tea.

The Glacier Stainless 1 L Vacuum Bottle’s rubberized bottom is another big upgrade in my book. It’s just so easy to knock things over, so I love having a thermos that doesn’t slip or slide when I put it down.

Back in the old days, the screw-on lids that doubled at cups weren’t very hardy, although they had side holders like actual cups. Elegant and a way to pick up a hot cup. The Glacier Stainless 1 L Vacuum Bottle’s screw-on cap is made of and lined with stainless steel; it’s thick enough to keep the hot in the cup so the outside of the cup doesn’t get hot. Nice.

The inner screw-top lid does a good job of preventing leaks. I have been tossing the Glacier Stainless 1 L Vacuum Bottle very carelessly into my computer back when I head to school for the day, and it has never leaked.

As much as I love how much the The Glacier Stainless 1 L Vacuum Bottle reminds of me old-school thermoses, there is one design feature I’d like to change. The top opening is not that wide, so I have to be very careful when pouring in boiling water. I’ve burned my fingers a few times. Still, there’s a solution for that: I put the bottle in the sink so I don’t have to hold it, and then pour in boiling water.

Another small issue: the GSI website claims the bottle will keep beverages hot or cold for 15 hours. I usually go through a bottle within a few hours, and it works well for that but 15 hours is a stretch for warm drinks.

The  Glacier Stainless 1 L Vacuum Bottle is available in pain stainless steel and a variety of fun, bold colors, such as: red, green, blue and orange. Also available in .5 L size.

Bottom Line: It looks too fancy for camping, but it’s durable enough and holds a lot of liquid if you care to share. Ideal for picnics, camping, student life–anywhere you want or need a steady stream of caffeine.

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