I admit I’m not a big camper, but I do love picnics, BBQ’s, and other outdoor events that involve food. I also enjoy BMYC-ing.

In case you’re not catching on, that’s “bringing my own cutlery.” No more flimsy plastic forks for me. With the Glacier Stainless 3 Piece Ring Cutlery I have a proper knife and fork, as well as a generously sized spoon that’s ideal for hot mushy dishes (like my signature lentils and rice),  chopped up fruit, and cereal.

The stainless steel knife and fork are smaller and shorter in length than my traditional kitchen cutlery, but they’re perfect for outdoor and travel use. They’re sturdy and durable, like “real” cutlery, but smaller and lighter in weight, making them quiet packable in my trunk bags and picnic packs. The knife is serrated and sharp enough to cut through anything I eat. (I don’t eat meat or cheese, but the knife can cut through both.) The fork is a bit smaller than a regular fork, but I don’t really notice. What’s most important is the luxury of using solid stainlessstell cutlery that won’t bend, break, or end up in a landfill.

The set I tested came with a cord tie rather than the metal clip pictured here. The set is compact and fits easily into a sleeve in my picnic pack. I’ve taken the GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless 3 Piece Ring Cutlery to picnics, on road trips, and used it at home when I didn’t feel like doing the dishes!

Bottom Line: Well-made, durable, functional. A great gift item for campers, hikers, travelers, and RVers.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.gsioutdoors.com


$9.95, available at Amazon.