I’m on boats a lot, both for work and for fun, and having the right shoes makes all the difference when it comes to quickly and safely getting from one end to the other. My new Helly Hansen Ahiga V3 Hydropower shoes are just want I need!

There are several features I really like (and appreciate) about the Helly Hansen Ahiga V3 Hydropower shoes. First, they have great traction, even on wet surfaces. The rubber, non-marking soles have a “siping” design to help water move through the grooves better. This helps a lot when I’m running back and forth on wet non-skid or wet docks. I haven’t slipped yet, nor have I marked up the white gel coat on our boat, which is what a lot of “tennis shoes” will do.

The other feature I really like is that they’re the perfect mix between a boat shoe and a water shoe. Traditional boat shoes are typically stiff and not very comfortable and traditional water shoes don’t usually have much foot or ankle support. My Helly Hansen Ahiga V3 Hydropower shoes are extremely comfortable, have light arch support, and offer more ankle support than a floppy water shoe, which allows me to wear them all day if I want to, from boat to grocery store and around town. I’ve been taking walks in them lately and my feet and ankles have just the right amount of support with a lightweight shoe that’s also breathable.

The Helly Hansen Ahiga V3 Hydropower shoes repel water very well. I got mud on them the other day and held them under the sink: the water beaded off like magic. I ended up using a wet paper towel to wipe the mud off, and they came clean easily. As a “sailing sneaker,” as Helly Hansen calls the Ahiga V3 Hydropower shoe, it’s quite  stylish! I’ve been wearing mine with yoga pants, as well as with shorts and jeans, and they seem to fit right in.

Materials: rubber, mesh, nylon  Sizes: women’s sizes 6.5 to 10 in half sizes (also available in men’s sizes 7-13)

Bottom Line: The perfect mix between a boat shoe and water shoe offering comfort, support, and style.

Manufacturer’s Site: HellyHansen.com

$95 at Amazon.com