I have several different styles of rain shells for hiking, for biking, and for running. What I want is a solid rain jacket for daily use during rainy season, something longer so I get more coverage than a hip-length sport jacket when I’m out and about. Helly Hansen’s Captain’s Rain Parka fits the bill perfectly.

This breathable, waterproof,  windproof, seam-sealed, parka-length jacket has been so handy this spring. The Helly Hansen Captain’s Rain Parka has done an excellent job of keeping the elements out. In addition to its high performance, I like the DWR-coated material because it’s softer than many of my ultra-light rain shells. It feels more like a trench coat, and no crinkly noises!

The hood is generous and easy to adjust with thick pull ties. The hem of the jacket has the same type of pull ties, allowing me to cinch the jacket close to my body on windy days.

I really the fact that the Helly Hansen Captain’s Rain Parka is lined. Again, it makes the jacket feel more like an urban trench coat than a fitness jacket.  The lining feels much nicer against my skin (when I wear short-sleeved shirts) than unlined jackets do, and it dries quickly, too, which is nice when I use the jacket for more rigorous activities than going to and from work.

Finally, I enjoy being able to haul lots of stuff and organize it in the parka’s many pockets. The front of the jacket has two covered chest pockets, two giant, covered pockets beneath the chest pockets, two side pockets underneath the giant pockets (love having hands-in-pocket comfort AND storage pockets), and a hidden zippered chest pocket, where I like to keep my money and I.D. It took me awhile to figure out why I liked this jacket so much, but I finally realized what it was: a lack of Velcro! The covered pockets have snaps, the tabs used to cinch up the ends of the sleeves have snaps, and the large weatherproof flap that covers the zipper stays closed with snaps. No more snagging my merino shirts on little Velcro tabs!

Available in men’s sizes S-XXL, in Jungle Green, Alert Red, Navy, Black. Slim style with full fit.

Bottom Line: High quality, high performance parka that wears like a trench coat and has lots of space for essentials like mobiles phones, a sandwich, a small camera, a wallet, a notepad, my iPad mini, snacks, and more.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.hellyhansen.com

$220 at Nordstrom