Just-In-Case Jacket

The folks at Helly Hansen were not mincing words when they named the Odin Minimalist Jacket. Lightweight fabric and a highly-functional no-nonsense design set this jacket apart from the other jackets in my closet. It’s the perfect outer layer for those days when I may or may not need a jacket.

My Helly Hansen Odin Minimalist Jacket is one of those items I wish I had years ago. All those times I brought a jacket “just in case”… the Odin Minimalist Jacket would have been the perfect jacket.

A “just in case” jacket is exactly what I needed on a recent springtime weekend bike trip. Low and behold,  we woke to a mixed bag of drizzle, fog, and rain showers. I was able to stay dry inside my Odin Minimalist Jacket while I did my morning camp routine and got my  bike ready for the day’s adventure.

Once we got moving, the waterproof full-length zipper made it easy to regulate my temperature as the day warmed. Later, when the sun finally came out, my Helly Hansen Odin Minimalist Jacket was easy to stuff into a side pocket where it remained for the rest of the trip.

I love how the waterproof full-length zipper is proportional to the weight of the fabric. A full-zipper makes a jacket easier to use, but sometimes light-weight jackets have zippers that are too big and  feel cheap and awkward. The zipper on my Helly Hansen Odin Minimalist Jacket is inconspicuous. Thoughtful.

Helly Hansen has long been a household name in the world of foul weather gear for sailing. They offer a broad collection of outerwear (and other clothing) ranging from the ultra-lightweight Odin Minimalist Jacket, to ski wear, to offshore racing wear. They make men’s and women’s jackets for every occasion.

Available in yellow and grey in men’s sizes S-2XL.


Bottom Line: My Odin Minimalist Jacket is ideal for those times when I may or may not need a jacket but know I should bring one. It’s small enough that it’s out of the way if it spends the whole trip packed up, but it’s still  there if I need it.

Manufacturer’s Site: http://www.hellyhansen.com

buy-now $220, currently on sale for $197.99