At 6′ I’m on the large side, so I prefer testing black tops and jackets that minimize my Amazon frame. Plus, black is sleek and urban and doesn’t show stains. Who wears white outerwear? I do, now. Helly Hansen’s Appleton Jacket is a delightfully carefree yet weatherproof rain jacket that’s elegant and fun at the same time.

I could see Mary Tyler Moore wearing the Appleton jacket because it’s sensible, modest, and highly functional. It is, by design, not a hiking jacket. That’s why I love wearing it around town. No zipper pulls, pit zips, hem chords, Velcro cinching tabs at the wrists, or even zippers on the pockets. Just a sleek look with a roomy fit, made out of breathable, waterproof material. It’s even lined, and the lining on the upper part of the jacket is mesh for breathability.

I try to save this jacket for casual and out-around-town wear, but sometimes I wear it for power walks because I don’t want to go home and change jackets. In these cases, the lining dries quickly. I like that a snap-shut flap covers the zipper; it gives me options for closing the jacket. When I’m in a bluster, I use zipper and snaps. When I’m in a hurry, just the snaps. The Appleton has kept me dry in several long walks in the rain, and it also provides a decent amount of wind protection.

I love my white Appleton jacket (for some reason, Helly Hansen always sends me white jackets to test…and I always end up loving them) because I feel dressier and more carefree when I wear it. Flaps cover the large front pockets. I can toss anything I want in there, or use the pockets as hand warmers. Inside the jacket there are toggles to cinch the jacket at the waist for a more form-fitting look.

The Appleton jacket fits well, and it looks and feels fabulous–thanks to the raglan sleeves. This sleeve style gives every woman a custom fit around the shoulders. Lovely. The fabric feels soft and almost silky, so it reminds me that it’s not a crinkly hiking jacket.

The hood is generous, but not too baggy, with black contrast toggles to cinch it down in bad weather. I thought the Appleton jacket didn’t have any logos, which I like, but I just realized it has a small one on the shoulder seam of the jacket. I can live with that.

The Appleton jacket is available in women’s sizes XS-XL. I found a perfect fit in my usually size L. The jacket comes in white, navy, and black.

Bottom Line: A fun, flirty, weatherproof jacket for women who don’t want to wear their hiking gear around town. I feel fancy when I wear my Appleton jacket!

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