I never had a blankie when I was a little one, but I’m making up for lost time with my HippyTree Rumpl blanket. I’m not going anywhere without it!

Made out of a thin, ripstop, DWR-coated nylon fabric and filled with synthetic insulation, the lightweight Rumpl blanket is big enough to snuggle in and packs down small enough to be totally portable.

Lately, I’ve been using the 50″ x 70″ Rumpl blanket as a bedspread until I can get to my warm bedding out of my storage locker. The fabric is silky soft, and the insulation keeps me plenty warm–even when I leave my windows open all night.

Before I decided to move my Rumpl blanket inside, I kept it in my car for all types of outings. It’s ideal as a wrap for watching a soccer game on a chilly day, as a picnic blanket on the beach, and, in its stuff sack, as a pillow when I get stuck in the airport and need to camp at the gate for a few hours. It’s also a much cozier in-flight blanket than the airlines offer. When I get home, I just toss it in the wash.

Bottom Line: I love this versatile blanket. I get the best qualities of a warm jacket and a sleeping bag, and it’s packable! A great gift idea.

Manufacturer’s Site: hippytree.com