I tried very hard not to like Hoka OneOne’s Tor Ultra Hi WP hiking boot. I was sure I wouldn’t like a lightweight boot. I was sure I wouldn’t get far in such a cushy feeling boot without my old foot injury starting to throb. And then a funny thing happened. I kept putting them on every day because they WERE SO COMFORTABLE.

I’ve always worn clunky, heavy shoes ever since I fractured my foot in college, more than 25 years ago. With rigid soles, I can last longer before the ache flares up. So being able to walk for four miles in the Hoka OneOne’s Tor Ultra Hi WP hiking boot without any pain was a big shock. The trick: Hoka One One’s “Meta-Rocker technology.” The soles are built to rock from heel to toe, so my forefoot doesn’t have to flex as hard to push off for my next step. For someone with a fractured sesamoid bone that didn’t heal properly, any footwear that can help relieve pressure during flexing is a real foot saver!

hoke-one-one-tor-soleThe cushion in these boots is incredible. I felt like I was walking on a very thick, spongey surface. At the same time, the Vibram sole has some serious grip and decent traction, so I was happy on dirt paths and on concrete.

I really liked the neoprene material around the top of the boot. I could cinch the top of the boot snug around my leg so no rocks or twigs got into my boot. I wore them every day for about two weeks, usually walking about three or four miles. My feet felt comfortable and didn’t overheat, despite the 80 F degree and warmer Minnesota temps. Nice breathability. They’re also waterproof, but I didn’t get a chance to test that feature since it was sunny every day of my vacation!

Stylewise, I received high marks from my friend’s teenage son and pre-teen son, so I consider that a ringing endorsement.



I tested a men’s size 9, my usual size, and found an almost perfect fit. I wear a thick, full-size cork orthotic, which fit well. I would call this a medium-volume boot. There wasn’t tons of room with the orthotic in, but I wasn’t cramped at all. With my Frodo feet (I haven’t been able to wear women’s shoes since I was about 12 years old), I am more of a EE width than a D width, and was right on the edge with the fit. I could have used a smidge wider, but I think most men will like the fit.

Available in men’s sizes 8-14 and women’s sizes 5-11.

Bottom Line: I was happily surprised by the level of comfort and protection this boot provided for my injured boot. I’ve never found a lightweight shoe or boot I was able to wear for as many miles or hours as the Hoka OneOne’s Tor Ultra Hi WP hiking boot. I LOVE these boots.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.hokaoneone.com

buy-now$230, men’s boots available at REI, women’s boots available at REI.