I use my 32-ounce Hydro Flask insulated bottle every day; I need that much tea to function. Sometimes I need more. That’s when I use my 12-ounce Hydro Flask insulated bottle.

If I use the small bottle for my unsweetened vanilla rice milk, I have more room in the big bottle for tea! When I’m away for most of the day, I pack both bottles, which gives me the luxury of preparing each cup of tea the way I want it: “milk” first, then add the tea. The bottles do a great job of keeping their respective liquids hot and cold for a few hours.

If I go out for tea, I can BMORM. Yes, I’m very particular about my tea, and serious about avoiding sweeteners. Most coffee and tea shops don’t have unsweetened non-dairy milk. No worries, I just reach into my ruche for my  12-Ounce Hydro Flask  insulated bottle.

I love both my Hydro Flask bottles because they’re made out of durable stainless steel, they never leak, and they do a great job of keeping cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot.

The bottle I have has a wide-mouth cap that’s attached to the bottle (pictured below), so I can’t misplace it during use or in my kitchen cabinets. The bottle is also available with a different cap (pictured above on red bottle) that turns it into an on-the-go coffee or tea travel mug. hydro-flask-wide-cap

Hydro Flack makes insulated bottles in a variety of sizes and colors, including blue, green, purple,  orange, red, and black.

Bottom Line: The 12-ounce bottle is ideal for hot or cold beverage, and fits easily into a small bog or purse.

Manufacturer’s Site: www.hydroflask.com

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Visit Hydro Flask’s store on Amazon to see a variety of Hydro Flask bottles in all sizes.