Designed specifically with the beer drinker in mind, Bend, OR-based Hydroflask’s True Pint stands apart from other insulated drinkware.

The powder-coated  exterior nixes any condensation, while the inner surface sports thoughtful details like a tapered lip (nicer than most glass, in my opinion) and a stepped bottom that allows for tidy, scratch-free stacking. Double-wall insulation means a frosty cold drink that stays that way for hours. In field testing, a forgotten Moscow Mule sat overnight at room temperature, and in the morning, the ice cubes were, amazingly, still intact. The holiday-only four-pack contains four different colored True Pints, so you and your guests can keep track of your personal drinking vessels.

Lifetime warranty on all Hydroflask products. Because of the exterior coating, the pints are hand-wash only.

Bottom line: The True Pint adds yet another high-quality, highly-durable premium insulated product to Hydroflask’s ever-expanding line. Start with one piece, and you’ll find yourself buying more for yourself and for friends.

Manufacturer’s site:
buy-now$79.95 at REI.  Purchase individual pint glasses at Amazon.