On the Ibex website, the Ibex Indie Hoody is described as an “all season” garment. I heartily agree. In the ever changing early spring weather, this lightweight hoody has been one of my favorite “go to” tops.

The Ibex Indie Hoody is made of 100% merino wool from New Zealand; therefore, it should be breathable and odor-free. I have put this hoody to the ultimate test for the past two weeks by wearing it almost every day without washing it.  I know it’s due for a wash, but it doesn’t smell! This is why I love 100% wool clothing!

In addition to being breathable and passing the no-smell test, my Ibex Indie Hoody is made of really soft wool and has a flattering fit to it. The hem hits below my hips and has fitted sleeves that don’t ride up my arms. It’s very stretchy and allows for plenty of movement. The seams are flat and the thin zipper at the neck zips up high, helping the hood fit well. I’ve worn the hood in light rain and not only did it keep my head warm, but the hood dried quickly once I was inside.

I’ve only washed my Ibex Indie Hoody by hand, which was quick and easy, and then let it dry over our radiator. It was dry in about an hour, ready to be worn again. It says I can wash it on cold in the machine and then dry flat (don’t put it in the dryer, just to be safe). It comes in four great colors: purple, grey, burgundy and turquoise, and looks great with yoga pants or jeans. Available in women’s sizes XS – XL.

Bottom Line: Really soft wool, stretchy, breathable, and doesn’t smell after several wearings. I love it!

Material: 100% New Zealand Merino wool

Manufacturer’s Site: ibex.com

buy-now $120 women’s top at Moosejaw for $95.96men’s top at REI.