Ibex was inspired by “traditional work shirts and timeless plaids” when they created the Jackson Shirt, and in my opinion, they nailed it.

The cut, high quality fabric, and pearl snaps give it a classic, stylish appeal. At the same time, the construction and woven wool make it one of the most durable shirts I’ll probably ever own.

I’m a fan of wool since it breathes well, regulates temperature well, and doesn’t make me feel clammy when it’s wet. Wool is also naturally odor-resistant, so I can wear this shirt for days before it smells bad enough to need washing. The Jackson Shirt is the ideal shirt for almost every occasion and activity. It’s smart casual with high performance. That means I can wear it every day. It also means when I travel it’s one of three shirts I take. Or the only shirt for a weekend away.ibex-jackson-in-action

Every time I put on the Jackson shirt I’m impressed by the quality. I also wear merino tees often, but this shirt has maintained it’s shape and style better than many of the tees I wear through in a year or so (I’m very hard on my clothes). Initially the fabric felt almost a bit scratchy or stiff, but it softened up with washings.

Available in men’s sizes S-XL in Quarry Plaid, Everglades Plaid, Farmhouse Plaid, and Charcoal Heather.

Bottom Line: Ideal for active outings, casual wear, and travel, and I rarely need to wash it!

buy-now$145 (on sale for much less at REI), available at Amazon.