My grandfather was a classy guy. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I realized part of his classy-ness came from the fact that he always wore nice wool shirts. My Ibex Trip Shirt is that kind of shirt. No lumbersexual here. This is a casual dress shirt that beautifully straddles the line between contemporary and traditional.

Short sleeves, a green plaid print (other colors available), and a texture that’s both rough and refined in a way that’s distinctly wool have made my Trip Shirt a front-of-the-closet go-to for any occasion that requires more than a t-shirt but less than a tie. It’s a casual shirt that somehow manages to stand-out while still being normal.

Clean lines define the look of my Ibex Trip Shirt. The opening for the single chest pocket is discreetly worked into a seam across the chest. This is the feature that stylistically sets this shirt apart from more traditional wool shirts. It doesn’t stand out visually as a pocket, but it’s there if needed.

The fabric of my Ibex Trip Shirt is heavier than a typical button up shirt. That’s not to say I’d describe it as “heavy”. Ibex describes it as “lightweight,” which it is by wool standards, but as far a comparing it to other button up shirts it’s towards the thick and dense end of the spectrum. Regardless, it’s perfect for cool spring days. With a light jacket over it, the warmth factor of the wool really kicks in for the evening temperature drop.

All off these features come together in a shirt that’s equally at home at the office, on the road, or in the woods. I can wear my Trip Shirt on a hike, enjoying the temperature regulating benefits of wool, and still look presentable when I roll into town for dinner on the way home. I’m looking forward to wearing my Trip Shirt on some longer journeys this summer. Since wool doesn’t hold odors the way synthetics can, it’ll be ideal for multi-day trips.

Ibex offers a whole range of wool shirts:  long sleeves, short sleeves, shirts with buttons, snaps, collars, and t-shirts. I highly recommend finding one that fits your style and giving it a try.

Bottom Line: It’s garments like my Ibex Trip Shirt that keep Ibex at the top of the world of wool apparel.

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