There’s nothing worse than cold toes, so my first choice sock for winter power walks is Injinji’s Outdoor 2.0 Original Weight Crew NuWool.

Made out of 64% NüWool™(merino wool), 33% Nylon, 3% Lycra®, the Outdoor 2.0 Original Weight Crew NuWool sock provides great breathability and wicking, keeping my feet dry and warm. Normally, my feet don’t tend to get very sweaty, but it’s easy to overdress in winter.  Between my winter-rated boots and warm socks, my feet can get slippery if I don’t wear the right socks. I’ve ditched all my cotton socks in favor of merino and merino-blend socks.

Having toe socks provides a couple of extra benefits: the material wicks away sweat from between my toes and prevents blisters since my toes have two layers of wool between them. Nice.injinji-blue

I love the fit of the Injinji Outdoor 2.0 Original Weight Crew NuWool sock. The ribbed top of the sock keeps it firmly in place, and between the heel cup and individual toe cups, this thin but warm sock never slips or slides no matter what I’m doing.

I have noticed that wearing the Injinji Outdoor 2.0 Original Weight Crew NuWool sock makes my forefoot a bit wider, so I do better in wider shoes and boot. Since I have wide feet already, most of my shoes and boots accommodate my toe-socked foot just fine. I like having a thin sock that provides warmth, excellent wicking and breathability, and fits into my everyday shoes and boots.

Temperature-wise, I’ve worn this sock in temps between freezing and 45 degrees F. For colder weather, I’d wear a thicker Injinji sock.

Available in unisex sizes S-L, in a variety of colorist, including Charcoal, Oatmeal, Del Mar Burgundy, Del Mar Grey, Del Mar Turquoise.

Bottom Line: High performance sock that fits great.

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