Gearwise, one of the best thing to happen to me this year was discovering Scandinavian brands like Kari Traa. See, my people were vikings, and I’m six feet tall, so finding women’s apparel that fits is challenging. Then I tested the Kari Traa Rose LS Baselayer, and found the perfect top for fit and function.

Made out of 100% merino wool, this mid-weight long sleeved top is ideal for all of my cold weather activities. The fabric is warm, breathable, and quite stretchy. I wear it alone in temperatures between 45-50 degrees F for power walks and under an ultra-thin wind jacket for temperature around 40 degrees. The Kari Rose LS Baselayer does a great job of keeping me comfortable. It wicks away sweat so the top stays dry. It also breathes well, which is key for keeping my temperatures regulated when I start heating up (or, more likely, when I overdress).

The Kari Rose LS Baselayer is modeled after a henley top. The contrast colored buttons add a  splash of color and also give me the option of unbuttoning when I more ventilation. Designwise, the Kari Rose LS Baselayer is a blast of fresh fashion. With a bold snowflake pattern, sold colored side panels that run the length of the top and all the way to the sleeve cuffs, and bright contrast stitching, this top stands out from all the rest.

I love the long, lean cut of the Kari Rose LS Baselayer. I have the longest torso in the world, so I really appreciate having a too that covers my belly. Thank you, Kari Traa!! It’s also a treat to have sleeves that are long enough for my gangly arms. Even when I’m reaching, the sleeves are long enough. Also love the cuffs at the end of the sleeves; they keep cold air out! The stretch in the material gives me freedom of movement so I never feel bound by my base layer!

The Kary Rose LS Baselayer is available in several color schemes and in women’s sizes S-XL. I tested a size L, my usual size, and found a perfect fit. Not to snug, not too loose. I could wear a snug ultra thin layer under it if I wanted to.

Bottom Line: Super fun high performance top for all your fall and winter activities. An ideal gift item.

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