Usually when I think of a beanie, I think of a snug, head-hugging cap, but Kari Traa’s Spyta Beanie is all about slouch and style.

Made out of a fun chunky knitted acrylic (that feels like wool), the Spyta Beanie is lined with a soft fleecey fabric. It’s been a great workout hat in freezing temperatures because the liner keeps my ears warm and the rest of the hat (unlined) does a great job of breathing. So, my head never overheats.

As an everyday hat, the Spyta Beanie is super cool. The dark grey color says “urban” and the chunky knit and pompon say “winter wonderland.” It’s a fun combo, and I can’t believe how many compliments I’ve received on this hat.

Available in one size, in dark grey, pink, green, and navy blue. It’s hard to find a Spyta Beanie at a US online store (Amazon is sold out), so you’ll have to shop online at a Canadian, British, or European store. Or, visit the Kari Traa site, and find a list of US retailers. See reviews of Kari Traa wool base layers. 

Bottom Line: Attractive, fun, and functional. It’s warm enough for cold days and breathable enough for winter workouts.

Manufacturer’s Site:

$44.50 CAN