I’ve been using the Lander  Powell Case for iPhone 6+ for a couple of months now, and I’m very happy with its performance.

The case is made out of a sturdy material and features a grippy, ridged material around the edges of the case. The edges are beveled to provide screen protection if the phone is dropped. There are also ridges on the back side of the case; that part of the case is made out of a see-through material that lets me see the Apple logo on the back of my iPhone.

The Lander Powell Case for iPhone 6+ case is well-designed. In addition to its stylish, techy appearance, the case fits over the iPhone’s buttons and holes perfectly so high functionality is maintained. I like the ridged edges of this case because it makes my phone easy to hold.  Even when my hands are sweaty and the back of the case can feel a bit slippery, the edges help me keep a firm hold on my phone.

The case is simple to use. I just snap it onto the back of my iPhone. It’s a challenge to remove the case, but I consider that a good quality; the case never shifts in place or falls off. I used to use a more heavy-duty case, but I like the Lander Powell Case for iPhone 6+ case very much. It’s  thin and lightweight, so doesn’t add much weight or bulk to the phone. Even better, the Powell Case maintains the slim style that makes iPhones so attractive.

I want to get my girlfriend one of these cases. She’ll appreciate its low-volume design. I think it’s easy to drop cell phones, so having a case with grippy, ridged edges is a good idea.

Having said this, there is no guarantee against dropping a phone. It can fall out of my pocket or get knocked off my desk. I’ve actually dropped it a few times in the past few months, and the case did a great job of protecting my phone. I can’t even find one scratch. After using a bulkier case, I’m quite happy to use Lander’s durable but thin Powell case.

Available in black, blue, red, and in clear, for iPhone 6/6S and 6+. Also available for Samsung phones.

Bottom Line: Easy to use, low-volume case that highlights the iPhone’s slim profile and helps users get a better grip to prevent dropping. ~Abhishek Anand

Manufacturer’s Site: www.lander.com

buy-now$35.95, shop at Amazon.


~Guest reviewer Abhishek Anand works at Microsoft and studies design at the University of Washington.